Internet Solutions Kenya An African partner with global reach

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Advances in technology are enabling African companies to compete and win in the competitive global economy. We are at the forefront of wireless technology, harnessing mobile communications and satellite technology as well as fibre optic solutions which enable the provision of a reliable infrastructure and readily available bandwidth to enterprises with African networks. Customers operating in countries on the West Coast of Africa can connect to the SAT-3 fibre optic cable while those in other countries can connect via a number of VSAT platforms that fit all connectivity requirements from Internet access to the extension of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN’s.

Internet Solutions offers satellite services terminating from Africa to South Africa and Mozambique as well as from Africa to the rest of the world via a European landing point. This enables customers all over the world to extend business services to their African offices without compromising service quality. IS offers a robust satellite-based VPN service with the same 24 hour monitoring and support services as our fixed line VPN services. Our mobile solutions are also capable of providing secure, reliable access to the corporate network from remote areas on the continent.