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Bonded DSL

Many businesses using ADSL technology would like to achieve speeds of 4Mbps and above, but may not have access to Fibre or VDSL services. To meet this need Internet Solutions offers a Bonded DSL service, which offers high-speed Internet access as a cost effective alternative to Fibre or VDSL. The access to high speed, reliable and cost effective wireless Internet connectivity that Bonded DSL provides, enables a business to be competitive, innovative and dynamic. 

Internet Solutions' Bonded DSL solutions provide businesses with up to 16Mbps wireless Internet access at reasonable prices. Bonded DSL combines up to four physical ADSL lines of the same speed into a single, high-speed connection. The service offers uncapped and unshaped DSL connectivity, along with public IP addresses that can be used for an email or web server, among others.

Bonded DSL is available in combinations of:

  • 4Mbps bandwidth (2 x 2Mbps lines)
  • 8Mbps bandwidth (2 x 4Mbps or 4 x 2Mbps lines)
  • 16Mbps bandwidth (4 x 4Mbps lines)

Bonded DSL Benefits:

  • High-speed, cost-effective broadband Internet access
  • Cost effective alternative to fibre
  • Fault tolerance to give business peace of mind
  • 24/7 support