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IS Audio Conferencing

Internet Solutions’ Audio Conferencing is a cloud-based, on-demand call conferencing solution that lets three or more participants connect to a single call.

It enables conference calling without the need for any specialised equipment and there is no physical on-site implementation required as the solution is hosted in the cloud. This means that people in different regions, who may be located across different time zones, can easily communicate and collaborate with co-workers, partners, suppliers and customers without being office-bound. The solution also delivers toll quality calls, in line with stringent SLAs while maintaining easy conference call joining and set up.

Audio Conferencing Benefits:

  • Allows employee communication from anywhere, at any time
  • More cost effective than fixed-line telephony services by keeping calls on-net
  • Fully managed and maintained by in-house support team
  • Improved communication and collaboration between colleagues and clients
  • No specialised equipment or integration required – can be accessed from any touchtone phone or Internet interface in the world
  • Compatible with any telephony platform
  • Keeps conferencing ‘on-net’ within our network, delivering better call quality
  • Offers a secure communication platform
  • Highly scalable solution meets any level of demand