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Managed Data Network Services

As companies grow, the various branches and locations require a means to securely and reliably connect to each other to communicate, collaborate and conduct business.

Internet Solutions' Managed Data Network Services provides companies with complete end-to-end control and flexibility over network performance, by utilising MPLS for a highly scalable data-carrying mechanism.

We offer consistent access to corporate information, while allowing a company's workforce to communicate securely and efficiently between branches, staff, suppliers and customers using trusted and resilient IP-enabled MPLS VPNs.

By providing any-to-any connectivity and the flexibility to support voice, video and integrated data applications on a single access medium, these solutions offer an efficient, scalable way to incorporate legacy and next generation applications into the network. Our global reach allows for incredible flexibility as new office sites or locations can be added to a network quickly and easily. Being Telco and medium agnostic, coupled with the ability to prioritise business-critical traffic, we can get your business more from your IT services.

Managed Data Network Services Benefits:

  • Wireless Internet access and access to secure online resources for your staff wherever they are
  • Online performance tools facilitate network performance monitoring and control of your network, offering threshold notifications and proactive monitoring 24x7 in real-time.