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Outsourced Firewalls

The Outsourced Firewall allows an Internet Solutions connectivity client to provision a firewall within one of the Internet Solutions data centres in South Africa to protect the internal network from the dangers of the Internet.

Whether it is the gateway firewall or an additional layer to an onsite firewall, the Outsourced Firewall provides high levels of security based on Fortinets award winning Fortigate Appliance Firewalls. The Outsourced Firewall environment resides within our secure managed hosting facilities and is built with high levels of redundancy to provide a robust offsite perimeter protection solution.

Outsourced Firewalls Benefits:

  • Fully managed, hosted, and supported
  • Eliminates the time, skills and expense of setting up and maintaining a firewall internally
  • Eliminates unwanted Internet traffic at an ISP level, optimising valuable bandwidth
  • Applies firewall policies to different user groups within the organisation
  • Offers detailed firewall reporting and monitoring
  • Reduces cost of deployment thanks to economies of scale