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Internet Solutions’ IP voice communication solution (VoIS) will dramatically enhance your business’ communication capabilities, offering unparalleled functionality over fixed-line and traditional GSM mobile telephony.

VoIS delivers inbound and outbound routing of voice traffic through our robust network and VoIP platform rather than through traditional fixed-line or mobile operators. The VoIS suite covers any type of call a company’s workforce may need to make, including local, national, international and mobile calls.

Calls are delivered at toll quality, in line with service level agreements (VoIS SLA). VoIS SLA is based on quality and performance metrics for voice calls made over the IS network. It includes network availability, reporting and call capture rates.

VoIS is a carrier-grade service with a full telecommunications suite.

VoIS Benefits:

  • Reduce costs on call charges and capex requirements
  • Ability to scale up or down to meet changing capacity requirements
  • Medium agnostic - route calls over any connectivity medium
  • 'All in' rates offered represent total cost of ownership
  • Choose geographic vs. non-geographic numbers
  • Communicate over the largest community VoIP network in SA, offering cost benefits for community calls
  • Access your VoIS network from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • A reliable and secure carrier-grade voice network with quality of service assurances