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VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is the best solution when terrestrial connectivity is not available or cannot meet your communication needs. Offering converged communications, always-on connectivity anywhere and anytime across multiple geographies, our VSAT is a two way satellite ground station with a dish antenna smaller than three metres. 

VSAT gives you the freedom to connect to any remote site across the African continent, via a dedicated ‘always-on’ satellite connection. We have three main VSAT product groups, namely Business Enterprise Services, Business Continuity Services and Broadband Services, all of which are available in a number of package options. 

VSAT benefits:

  • Offers global coverage regardless of location or topography
  • Delivers reliable, dependable, constant connectivity even when terrestrial networks fail
  • Offers a secure, private network solution
  • Satellite modularity allows for quick deployment and fast upgrades, with scalability to accommodate growth
  • Seamless integration into the core MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network
  • Allocates bandwidth in real time and on demand