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Increased emphasis is being placed on efficient and cost effective knowledge transfer and communications. While the need for face-to-face communication is still felt, meetings are shifting to online forums to preserve personal engagement, without the hassle of travel nor the wasted time and costs. With WebEx from Internet Solutions you can plan and execute live online meetings or events for two to 3000 people, anywhere in the world.

WebEx is a cloud-based, online collaboration platform that enables workers to meet, communicate and share knowledge in real time, wherever they are and whenever they choose. The WebEx platform is a suite of proven, cost-effective and fully hosted applications that you can use separately or together. They include:

  1. WebEx Meeting Centre: Replicates face-to-face meetings by allowing participants to instantly share voice, video and applications in real-time
  2. WebEx Event Centre: Designed to host high-impact presentations, webinars, press or analyst calls, staff gatherings and other events for up to 3,000 people
  3. WebEx Training Centre: Enables teachers and trainers to deliver high-performance, interactive, online classroom sessions to distance learners anywhere, any time
  4. WebEx Support Centre: Allows support teams to identify, resolve and track customer issues one-to-one in a secure, online support session with up to 5 participants

WebEx Benefits:

  • Attendees do not need an account to join meetings
  • Meet in real time anywhere, anytime, using any platform
  • Feature-rich web collaboration tools
  • Versatile integration
  • Increased accessibility, communication and productivity
  • Instant scalability
  • Highly secure
  • Tracking and monitoring functionality to measure efficacy of events
  • Events can be recorded and distributed
  • Backed by an SLA guaranteeing 99,9% reliability.